chisoku course (2 days+)

The best experiences, specialists we met in our pursuit of chisoku. A unique set of activities for body and soul which lead to the experience you won’t find anywhere else. By learning from the authentic masters of Japanese culture, monks you will be able to deeply experience chisoku. We believe it will stay with you even after you come back home. 


Zen Zazen meditation (1 hour): by a Zen Monk

Private Zazen meditation practice with a monk from one of Kamakura’s temples. Kamakura is known for the numerous zen temples and that is why it is the perfect place to experience the traditional meditation. The mindfulness in its purest form.

Buddhist shojin ryouri  (2.5 hours): by Mari Fujii or other

Shojin cuisine – the plant-based cuisine of Buddhist monks. It is based on seasonal ingredients and preparing it is in itself a mindfulness practice. 

Senchado tea ceremony(2 hours): by Taisen Karaki

Senchado (loose leaf green tea) tea ceremony is unusual even for the Japanese. We invite you to have this unique experience with the sencha tea master from Obaku Baisa school.

1-day Chado tea ceremony  (6 hours): by Kimihisa Meguro

Matcha (powdered green tea) tea ceremony practice with the tea master. You will experience the tea ceremony from the preparations by the special meal to preparing the tea by yourself.


Authentic tea house Houan in Kamakura and kishike ryokan

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