COVID-19 special measures at Modern Ryokan kishi-ke

Based on the measures recommended by the Government of Japan, we serve the accommodation based on the following policy:

– we help to avoid the 3C:
1.Closed spaces with insufficient ventilation
2.Crowded conditions with people
3.Conversations in short distance

– we ensure the social-distancing
– we wear masks
– we maintain a high hand hygiene

[Specific measures, situations and measures that are already being implemented]

-kishi-ke is an environment where it is easy to take social distance because it is an accommodation facility limited to 4 people per group per day.
-The number of employees and instructors who provide experience is less than 10 people
-The building itself has a structure that facilitates ventilation.
One of the characteristics of traditional Japanese architecture is the idea of ​​coordinating with the surrounding nature which means that there are many windows, and there is also a veranda for viewing the garden.

[Special measures:]
-We leave at least 48 hours between the group of guests:
For example, if a customer is checking out on 5/1, we will accept a new check-in customer on 5/3 at the earliest.
-We implement a temperature measurement of employees.
-We implement ventilation when traveling by car.
-All the employees are wearing masks and/or face guards.
-We have been always disinfecting when cleaning and we will keep doing it while trying new things to make sure the safety of our guest:
Example) Disinfecting doorknobs, slippers, handrails, toilets and washbasins. The floor is cleaned with high-pressure steam.

[Request to customers]
-Under the guidance of the public health center, the temperature will be measured with a non-contact device at check-in.
-If you feel unwell due to fever, cough, etc., please notify an employee.

If you have any questions, please contact us:






例)あるお客様が5/1 チェックアウトの場合は、最短で5/3 に新たなチェックインのお客様を受け入れさせて頂きます。
-従業員のマスクもしくは フェイスガードなどの着用。 



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