experience chisoku

In kishi-ke we believe traveling is all about experiences. That is why we want to provide you the best authentic experiences which will add value to your life. What makes us different? We’ve chosen the theme of CHISOKU – the mindfulness way of focusing on now and finding the joy in your life. All activities embrace nature and seasons, Japanese hospitality (omotenashi), mindfulness, Japanese culture. We hope except for the new skills, you will take the feeling of chisoku with you.


chisoku masters

Chisoku experience package you can do in 1 day. We’ve prepared various authentic Japanese experiences for body and soul. Perfect starter of Japanese culture – zazen meditation, traditional cuisine (shojin ryouri), tea ceremony. Forget about the whole world and feel the satisfaction with the present moment – the chisoku.

kids’ chisoku experience

The Kids’ Chisoku Experience helps children to experience Japanese culture, including tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese sweets making, vegetarian cooking. In addition to the regular activities, we try to make the experience fun by playing games and increasing the time for physical activities. Parents are also welcome to observe and participate. We welcome both day trips and overnight stays.

tea master

Chado tea ceremony is strongly connected to the Japanese culture. It’s more than just preparing and drinking the tea. Preparing the room and utensils, making the flower arrangement, preparing and eating special meal… Forget about the daily life and soak into the world of tea.

shojin ryori and scent

Calm your mind at the ocean view counter with the chef, focusing on “tasting food” and “feeling the seasons,” which are often neglected by busy people. In this program, you can enjoy shojin ryori (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) while relaxing and experiencing the natural aroma of vegetables and fruits.

selected experiences

tea ceremony – chado

Matcha (powdered green tea) tea ceremony practice with the tea master. You will experience the tea ceremony from the preparations by the special meal to preparing the tea by yourself.

tea ceremony – senchado

Senchado (loose leaf green tea) tea ceremony is unusual even for the Japanese. We invite you to have this unique experience with the sencha tea master from Obaku Baisa school.

zazen meditation

Zazen meditation practice with a monk from one of Kamakura’s temples. Kamakura is known for the numerous zen temples and that is why it is the perfect place to experience the traditional meditation. The mindfulness in its purest form.


Private dining just for you. Let us know what you want to experience and we will find the best chef. Sushi, home-cooking, fine dining, plant-based dinner, vegetable sushi dinner, sake tasting… Tasty meals for people who want to expand their culinary experiences.

katana practice

Samurai practice of the katana sword using the real blade. This experience is conducted by professional sword master with all safety measures taken. It’s not only about trying using the blade but also you learn about the spirit of the samurai.

water sports

Kamakura is a rare example of a place where you can find history, culture, mountains, ocean at the same time. What about watching mount Fuji, Enoshima island, torii gates while trying the SUP, surfing, or windsurfing? Enjoy the ocean you see from kishike’s windows.

zen garden

The Japanese rock garden was originally made in places which were too small for a pond. The rocks and sand represent the flow of water. Creating the garden, focusing on the process is also a form of mindfulness.

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deep kamakura

Enjoy Kamakura with us! Or go with us beyond Kamakura (max. 2 hours by car one way). Onsens (hot-springs), nature, cities, history, food –  let us know what you are interested in and we will make a guide for you and show you around.

Free for kishike guests.
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other paid experiences

For your request we can arrange other experiences such as: making washi – Japanese paper, pottery, kamakurabori (lacquerware made by carving patterns in wood), kimono lesson, kintsugi – repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, origata – samurai way of gift wrapping. 

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