1-day tea ceremony – chado 茶道

Matcha (powdered green tea) tea ceremony practice with the tea master. You will experience the tea ceremony from the preparations by the special meal to preparing the tea by yourself.


6-hours tea ceremony:

• preparing the room and utensils

• lunch

• tea-ceremony flower arrangement

• introduction and practicing the ceremony

• other


kishi-ke ryokan

For request (paid 40 000~70 000 yen): authentic tea house in Kamakura – Houan.


We recommend you to book 1 month in advance to make sure the Master is available

The booking will be completed after we confirm the Master

English interpreters will assist you


Kimihisa Meguro

目黒 公久

owner of “Hoshimado” natural way of tea (shizenha chado)
TAMATEHAKO’s representative
Meguroshiki Kodomo Bunka School SENS’s director

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