Ruri Confectionery Box

Large 51,000 yen ( tax inc.)
Small 49,000 yen ( tax inc.)

Just as a Japanese confectionery store would carefully place and package wagashi in a showcase, we wanted to make sure that the wagashi we bought would be served with care and thoughtfulness right up to the very end, which is why we asked a paulownia wood case workshop in Fukui Prefecture to create the Ruri Confectionery Box. The word “ruri” means “glass. In the tea ceremony, food baskets and other containers with lids are used as confectionery containers, but these provide the enjoyment of a time difference in that the contents can be seen only after the lid is opened in front of you. On the other hand, this one is skeletal from the time it is brought to you, so you can see what is inside. This creates a sense of anticipation, as if you were actually taking out a gem in a glass case and looking at it directly. The action of opening it horizontally, the feeling and sound of the air at the moment of opening, which is unique to the elaborate paulownia case. It not only looks cool, but also gives a sense of cleanliness and quality. It can be played with in various ways depending on the user, and you can even put flowers or bonsai inside.


Outer dimensions
Width 230 x Length 230 x Height 250mm
Internal dimensions (inside glass case)
Width 200 x Length 200 x Height 200mm
Can hold 4 to 6 neri-kiri.

Small size
Outer dimensions
Width 190 x Length 190 x Height 210mm
Internal dimensions (inside glass case)
Width 160 x Length 160 x Height 160mm
Inside dimensions (inside glass case): W 160 x L 160 x H 160mm

Material: Paulownia wood, glass
Place of origin: Fukui Prefecture

※Color and expression may vary due to handmade.
※Size and weight may vary due to handmade and natural materials.
※Please allow up to 3 months for delivery.
※You can choose whether or not to have the side handles done for easy carrying.
※You can choose whether or not to process the sides for easy carrying. (The one in the photo is a right-opening version.)
※The glass on the ceiling and bottom can be removed for washing.

・Precautions for handling
– Since it is made of unpainted paulownia wood, it will darken.
– The glass can be removed by lifting it slightly by hand. It can be washed by hand with a soft sponge.
– After washing, please dry it thoroughly.
– To clean the paulownia parts, wipe with a soft wet cloth.
– Paulownia wood is a very soft material, so please be careful of impact and contact.
– Avoid direct sunlight and store in a place where humidity is not too high, as this may cause warping, insect bites, and discoloration.

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