Creator: 笹山 快
Large 2,900 yen (tax inc. )
Small 2,200 yen ( tax inc. )

Born in 1985. He studied woodworking in his native Akita and Nagano prefectures, and now lives in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture, where he makes wood furniture. He makes everything from furniture such as chairs to small pastry cutters, and his meticulous handwork is astonishing.

It is a spoon that was created by making many prototypes, paying attention to the angle, detail, and mouthfeel of each nesting bowl so that it is easy to use. The appearance and atmosphere of the place are also dignified.
* Because it is handmade, the color and expression may differ.
* Made to order. It takes about a month to deliver.

Width 30 x Length 200 x Height 20mm
Weight 8g

Width 26 x Length 150 x Height 15mm
Weight 5g

Material: Mountain cherry (yamazakura)
Place of origin: Yokote, Akita prefecture

※Since it is handmade and made of natural materials, the size and weight may vary.

・Precautions for handling
– Do not use in ovens, microwave ovens, or induction cooktops.
– After use, we recommend hand washing with a soft sponge instead of using a dishwasher or dryer.
– Because of the oil urethane coating, it can be cleaned with detergent.
– After washing, do not leave it wet, but dry it thoroughly.

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